We the people should not have to fight the justice system for justice!

In 1997, my sister was found on the side of the road. She was strangled, and so badly decomposed, that her dental records had to be used to identify her. My sister’s name is Georgia Leah Moses. She was 12 years old. I could go on and on about how the state of California failed my sister and my family but I’ll save that for another time. If you’re unfamiliar with my sister’s story, a quick Google search will pull up a plethora of stories on her.


Over the years, many attempts to the Sonoma County Police Department, Santa Rosa Police Department as well as other law enforcement entities, have been made to have this case reexamined, with very little help and often times no response. I truly believe all lives matter-as they should, but I am very aware for some, we have to fight for justice. It hurts me deeply to know my sister’s killer has not been caught, but it hurts me even more to know the people who are elected to help us and the people whose job is to serve and protect allow some people/cases to go unnoticed. 


This is a new day. I have made it my mission to seek justice for my sister. I along with people from the city of Santa Rosa, Petaluma, the county of Sonoma, the state of California and countless others have rallied together to bring about change. 


Twenty-three years ago, I would never have imagined, I would be pleading with political officials to care about my sister enough to give her case the proper due diligence of a thorough investigation. I would have never thought the amount of media attention and outcry would greatly differ between my family and another’s because of the color of our skin. This is not a Black Lives Matter rant, this is a reality check that although we are created equal, we are not all equal. 


I can only pray that one day soon,  I will get the necessary help to bring justice to my family and finally solve my sister’s murder.


Angel Turner