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What does Scooby Doo, Tupac and Biggie have to do with Georgia and her case?

If someone told me five years ago that I would one day be connecting dots between murdered rappers and my favorite character, I'd probably just stare at them with the most confused look ever.

I grew up listening to music that did not include cursing. Being born in the 90's, I knew the names Tupac and Biggie, but I didn't really know who they were as far as their celebrity status, or their stories.


That all changed in July 2021. A casual conversation with my husband turned into what I now call the "Scooby Doo, Georgia Leah Mysteries."

Truthfully, only God could have showcased this information the way He has.

What does it all mean? Hopefully, it will be proof that God indeed performed a miracle that can't be disputed.


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