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Peace, love and forgiveness: Why I chose to forgive my sister's killer

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

This year, the anniversary of my sister's murder hit me like a ton a bricks. For the first time, I had to really deal with it. I tried my hardest to run from it, cover it up and not be "bothered" by it. I had to finally deal with it and give it to God.

God wants us to be free from the shackles of bitterness, resentment and denial. Emotionally, I can say this was the hardest thing I had to do. Just like all the other issues from my past, God has brought me through it!

For the past month and a half, God has been challenging me to forgive. I didn't want to. I was afraid, hurt and bitter. I also did not want to make a video sharing my emotions, but God kept prompting me to. Thursday, I asked for a sign if this was what I needed to do. I looked for a "sign" everywhere but didn't find one. I know, any time I ask God for a sign, it's always presented in manner, I would have never guessed. Well this morning, I wake and see a FB memory about a post I did on forgiveness. I pray this video helps and encourages someone.

The pain of my sister's murder is very much real. Now, I'm able to manage and deal with it. We all have something that is holding us hostage - give it to God.

To everyone out there, cherish the good and give God the bad. What seems impossible to us is more than possible with God. This is one of many testimonies of how AMAZING God is.

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