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"Did we win?" The Bills lost, but truthfully, they won!

After a year, and football season, filled with highs and lows around what seemed to be every corner, it all came to an emotional end following the Buffalo Bills loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on January 22.

It's not just the fact that they lost that makes this loss more of devastating one, it's also the fact that they lost by 17 points in their worse performance of the season. To those 17 points into context, throughout regular season, the Bills lost a total of three games with a combined loss of 8 points.

Since this game was for the Divisional Playoffs, it ultimately ended the season for the

The Bills. Despite everything thrown their way, and overcoming time and time again, in the final moments, it was all gone. Or was it?

I can honestly say, with everything in me, I wanted the Bills to win. With everything in me, I wanted this to be the THE year. I wanted us to be the Super Bowl champions. But my desire to win was for reasons much different than everyone else's. I wanted them to win mainly because I equated their win with Georgia's justice.

Why else would God reveal all of these connections between them, her case, Scooby Doo, Tupac and Biggie?

While this may not have been their year to win the Super Bowl, all hope is not lost because they did win this season and they are every bit of the word champion!

Over the last year, we saw a team rise time and time again, for themselves, for each other, for the city and for the fans.

Trust the process.

How do we gauge the magnitude of a win? Granted, because we're talking about a football team, the ultimate symbol of victory is the Lombardi Trophy...but this year has proven that the Buffalo Bills are far more than just a football team.

They a team filled with an incredible group of people who are without a doubt, champions! They won at doing life and they won at wearing a smile throughout all of the pain and uncertainty this season brought to their team and city. They won at being the hope everyone needed when it matter the most.

It almost seems as if this year, the Bills were placed on a deserted island and given the challenge to make it out alive. Out of 32 teams, the Bills were the ONLY team to endure the numerous adversities they did.

Now, we can go on and on about what went wrong, but I want to highlight what went right.

This game was the first game played against the Bengals following the January 2nd game which was ultimately cancelled due to Damar Hamlin's cardiac arrest.

But look at what went right...

Mr. "Did we win," showed up to support his team. Twenty Days after one of the most traumatic things witnessed on a football field, live on television, we saw Buffalo's miracle.

For their final game of the season, Damar Hamlin was their "Angel in the Outfield" or should I say "Angel in the Sky Box."

So in this time, continue to rally around and pick these guys up. They deserve all the love and praise that was given to them throughout their multiple wins this season. They literally gave their all, and it is evident. Whether people want to acknowledge it or not, they’ve superseded everyone’s expectations. They made it 2 games shy of going all the way! What more should the world really be asking from them?

Justice IS coming!!

This makes me even more confident that justice for Georgia is close. I believe, just like with the Bills victory, Georgia's victory will come in the least expected way.

I’m super proud of the Buffalo Bills. And in this most recent loss, I am reminded of the wins that matter. The love, the unity, the miracles, the ability to overcome time and time and again and most importantly, trusting God’s process.

Somehow, it all works out. This was the Bills year and this IS Georgia’s year!

Justice IS coming!!

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