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Overcoming adversity: Dear Buffalo, it's winning season!

I recently shared a post to the Bills Mafia Fans, Facebook group. I led the post with this:

This season, the Buffalo Bills have gone above and beyond to prove themselves to be champions. They are resilient beyond measure! #overcomeadversity

This was the post:

Someone commented under the post and said the following:

"I start to ask myself now than ever.....why Buffalo. Why does Buffalo have to endure so much trauma?

His response rattled me to my core and instantly, the tears began to well up in my eyes. I felt the same way. And no matter how much I tried to think of the right thing to say, I couldn't. What do you say? I mean over the last year, Buffalo has taken hit after hit after hit, and somehow, they've managed to still rise to greatness, stand united and pour love into each other.

Here's a recap of some of the hardships over the last year:

-The racially charged mass shooting at Top's Supermarket on May 14, that left 10 people dead

-The hospitalization of Buffalo Bills' owner, Kim Pegula due to unknown medial reasons

-The passing of Dawson Knox's brother, Luke Knox, on August 17

-Micah Hyde's potentially season-ending injury on September 19

-The record-breaking snowstorm in November, a week before Thanksgiving

-The historic blizzard right before Christmas that left more than 30 people dead and left the city with an array of issues

-The numerous injuries and illnesses that the Buffalo Bills players suffered week to week

-Damar Hamlin's cardiac arrest on January 2, 2023

Despite all of the adversity the Buffalo Bills had to overcome, they managed to finish this season with an impressive record of 13:3, clinching the number spot for AFC EAST.

Here we are, January 16, 2023. The snow has melted. A shooting that was meant to showcase hate, resulted in a movement of love. Following the shooting, the Buffalo Bills spearheaded their campaign, "Stop hate. End racism. Choose love." Throughout these unfortunate circumstance over the last year, the city of Buffalo has come together to show up and help one another. From digging people out of snow, to taking in complete strangers, to donating to different organizations, the city has proven just how strong and resilient they are.

Earlier in this year's football season, an injury to Micah Hyde resulted in Damar Hamlin being activated on the roster. During the week 17 game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Hamlin too suffered a traumatic event-- he suffered a riveting cardiac arrest. As he lied on the ground motionless, people all around the United States anxiously waited... for him to move, for a miracle, for a sign that he would be okay. His cardiac arrest not only brought his team together in prayer, but it brought a whole nation together.

All across social media you saw the red white and blue "Pray for Damar Hamlin" or "Pray for 3." Stadiums, businesses, children, fans-- everyone, came together with a powerful outpouring of love.

So how did we go from what seemed to be a vicious black cloud hanging over the city of Buffalo, to that same city continuously bringing the nation together, to that same city coming out victorious?

In short. I truly Billieve this is Buffalo's time to win!

At the start of 2023, what rattled the nation to it's core, turned into beautiful outpouring of love and unity. Our nation prayed together and we saw miracles happen.

W saw something beyond incredible during the Bills' very next game! During the game against their long-standing nemesis, the New England Patriots, we saw an electrifying Bills team take the field.

Do it for Damar!

Nyheim Hines had not one but two kickoff return touchdowns. Ironically, it's been three years and three months since the last time a Bills player did this.

We would later learn that Damar couldn't contain the excitement from witnessing this play!

So how does all of this play into Georgia's unsolved murder?

Well, I've always believed Georgia's case would be solved through a miracle. And little by little God has shown signs and wonders through this most recent Bills situation.

On January 1st, I had a conversation with my brother and I told him that I always felt that Georgia's case would get solved on year 3. Jesus' ministry lasted three years. I don't know why that always stood out to me throughout this journey but it has. And while I'm believing for justice everyday, my heart has a special ache for year 3.

My near mental meltdown which ultimately spearheaded my "giving the case to God and trusting Him with it," happened in February of 2020. I took my fight for justice public in June of 2020. So this year marks the third year.

I also believe that when Georgia's case get solved, the Bills will also win a Super Bowl.

When the Damar Hamlin situation began to unfold, it gripped me differently. My heart hurt for him and his family differently. I felt the overwhelming need to pray, and two days later God told me to do a live prayer. But this prayer wasn't just for him, it was also for the city of Buffalo and our nation.

*Link to live prayer

But why God? What was happening? What does all this mean? There are way more connections here as it relates to Georgia's case, more specifically the Scooby Doo Mysteries...

Here's the link to my previous article to catch you a bit.

*Link to previous article

Here's a list of some of the recent revelations:

-Damar Hamlin was activated due to Micha Hyde's injury in August. Micah Hyde was signed to the Buffalo Bills Mach 9, 2017- the anniversary of Biggie's murder.

-Damar Hamlin was signed to the Buffalo Bills May 21, 2021.

-Damar Hamlin was injured in week 17 (1-7), Georgia's birthday is January 7 (1-7)

-Damar Hamlin returned to social media for the first time since his injury, January 7 (1-7)

-Biggie's birth month and the age he was when he died 3-24

-Damar Hamlin's birthday 3-24

This is just some of it. If you want to see my most recent video detailing all of the links between Damar, the Bills, and the Scooby Doo Mysteries, you can watch it here:

Following Damar's injury, the NFL decided to ultimately cancel the Bills game against the Bengals, resulting in the Kansas City Chiefs not only clinching the number 1 seed for the AFC, but also getting a bye week during the playoffs.

Many fans of both the Bills and Bengals, expressed their disagreement with Kansas City's placement as the number 1 seed in the AFC, especially considering Kansas City lost to both of these teams. But...this season is about overcoming adversity right.

Damar was released from the hospital January 11, four days before the Bills' Wild Card game against the Miami Dolphins. To add a cherry on top, Micah Hyde returned to practice for this first time since his injury...will we see him on the field during the Super Bowl? I think we most certainly will!

I wish that concluded the "overcoming adversity" train, but sadly it doesn't. Yesterday, we played our Wild Card game against the Miami Dolphins, and what everyone expected to be a complete blowout, turned into a "down to the wire" fight for the win. Am I surprised, no. A 15-20 point lead where the Bills smooth-sailed to the final seconds would be wayyyy to easy. And this whole season, we've had to fight. We had to prove time and time again why we are as great as we are. What other NFL team has the bar of perfection set so high? None. The Bills are not given a realistic cushion of grace for the errors they make.

Even with the long list of things that the Bills endured this season, and their spectacular wins, like the first game against the Los Angeles Rams, the world only wants to remember what could be done better.

So here we are, three games left in this season. I Billieve the Bills will have to fight to the very end for their history-making victory. We will replay the Bengals on Sunday, rightly so. We will win, then we'll go on to replay the Chiefs and put a hurting on them. Finally, we will rise to the occasion in the Super Bowl and take home the Lombardi Trophy. And when the story is finally written, people will look back over all of this adversity and know just how strong Buffalo truly is.


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